This year, in my home state of South Carolina, there has been much debate over how to address the issue of repairing our state’s deteriorating roadways.  In the past, South Carolina has been ranked as having its roads be in the worst condition of any state in the nation.  Yes, we were once dead last in the quality of our roads!  Thankfully infrastructure and road maintenance has improved significantly in recent years, but we certainly have a long way to go.  You can see the most recent stats here.

While driving around the Upstate, I have encountered many potholes.  Thankfully, as a competent driver, I am able to avoid driving through the middle of many of these hazards.  In business, I often review investment account statements from investors seeking my help.  Most investors are getting investment advice from other advisors who do not event make an attempt to avoid the potholes in the path of their desired financial destinations.  Instead, most advisors recommend that their clients charge ahead, straight through the middle of the road, hitting whatever may be in their path, often resulting in unnecessary stress, losses, and potential ruin.  Diving straight through a pothole can be a dangerous and costly choice.  The investment world contains an endless supply of new potholes to throw in your path.  Are you going to just plow straight through and accept the consequences, or will you work with a competent adviser who can help you steer clear of many of the obstacles in the path of your future financial well-being?

Don’t end up like these guys.

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