New Opportunities

Clarification, Education, An Event Not To Miss, and New Opportunities

2017 has been an exceptional year for HFG and our clients.  We hope to continue providing excellent service and results to our financial planning and investment management clients in 2018 and beyond.

Many people have been hearing about this crazy magical internet money known as Bitcoin and the bewildering possibilities of a technology called Blockchain.  This is a space we have dug into quite deeply on both personal and professional levels here at Hilbert Financial Group.  To help clarify our position on these issues from an investment management perspective as well as our services, I have launched several new ventures.

Moving into 2018, Hilbert Financial Group and its associates will have the ability to advise, in a general capacity, on investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.  We will not, however (largely due to unclear regulatory issues), be suggesting specific investments, nor will we be directly managing assets (at least until a non-custodial solution is reached), with the exception of company or trust assets where our associates are either part owners, partners, or beneficiaries.  In the coming years, regulations may become more clear and technological advances may allow for additional services in this developing space.

In the mean time, I have launched Hash Yield LLC, an educational event company and network of websites under development, empowering the public to better understand and take advantage of blockchain technologies.  You can learn more at

Hash Yield has its first big event just around the corner!  Right here in Greenville, on Tuesday, January 30th, we will be hosting Greenville’s first Blockchain event.  Attendance is free.  You can find all the details and get your tickets at  If you are in the area, you won’t want to miss it!

Another big announcement is the launch of Digital Rarity.  Digital Rarity LLC is an asset management company specifically focused on the digital asset, cryptocurrency, and software development arena.  Digital Rarity is the General Partner in Hash Yield Partners LP, a managed cryptocurrency fund.  If you are an accredited investor, and you would like to know more about our offering, feel free to contact me about this opportunity.

So to recap all this news, Hilbert Financial Group will continue on its course of providing top tier asset management and financial planning services. will become the hub of information and activity related to cryptocurrency and blockchain tech.  Digital Rarity is offering a new hedge fund for accredited investors, focused on digital assets.  And for all those who have questions about Bitcoin and Blockchain, don’t miss the big event here in Greenville on January 30th!  You can save your seat at

To all of our wonderful clients and friends,

Alex Hilbert

President & CEO

Hilbert Financial Group