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S&P 500 ETF just had its third-worst open ever, behind only the financial crisis and 9/11

MARKET INSIDER: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/09/sp-500-etf-just-has-its-third-worst-open-ever-behind-only-the-financial-crisis-and-911.html PUBLISHED MON, MAR 9 202011:30 AM EDTUPDATED AN HOUR AGOPatti Domm@IN/PATTI-DOMM-9224884/@PATTIDOMMKEY POINTS Monday’s open in the ETF representing the S&P 500 was 7.4% lower than Friday;’s close, the third worst opening gap ever. According to Bespoke, the worst days were in October 2008, during the financial crisis and Sept. 17, 2001, the […]

Industry trend analysis informs investment decisions

Biotechnology industry analysis One of the advantages of incorporating charts into long-term investing analysis is the ability to visualize what has been going on with the stock, index, or ETF over time. Another advantage of using charts and technical analysis when researching long-term portfolio investing is to provide a faster method for finding and selecting […]

Are we looking for investment answers in all the wrong places?

One of the most seductive words in investing is “because.” If one understands the “because,” many investors believe, then the answer to “what happens next” is assumed to be within reach. Ideally, a logical pattern emerges that indicates future price direction, and the risk of investing can be managed. A multi-billion-dollar industry is focused on supplying […]

The Case for Active Over Passive Investing is Really About Investor Behavior

Most investors do not behave in ways that are consistent with the theoretical benefits of long-term passive investing. They will likely be better served by an actively managed approach. The fact that we are still debating the merits of active versus passive investing more than 40 years after John Bogle launched the first index investment […]

Advisors Prefer Active Management

Several studies assess advisor attitudes around portfolio management and risk mitigation for clients—showing a continued preference for actively managed strategies. Editor’s note: This article first published in our magazine in October 2015, but it is perhaps even more relevant today. The S&P 500 finished 2017 with a ninth consecutive year of positive total returns (though volatility […]

Clients understand volatility – except when it happens

For financial advisors, understanding core financial concepts such as variance, portfolio volatility, and systematic risk are one thing. Reckoning with their psychological effects on clients is another. Investment professionals are, of course, well-acquainted with the concept of risk. They know that they can diversify away most of the idiosyncratic risk from individual securities but that client […]