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Founder’s Day @ The Turning Point 2017

In March, The HFG team had the privilege of participating in the annual Founders Day at The Turning Point of South Carolina. If you aren’t familiar with Turning Point, allow me to introduce you. They are doing some wonderful work and filling a distinct need in society. When people are trying to overcome addiction, life is often harder than ever. Many of these individuals want to make a better life for themselves and their families, but a seemingly insurmountable set of obstacles is often in the way. Finding employment is difficult as the social stigma of a past life of substance abuse limits opportunities. A lack of job skills can be a hurdle. Support systems are often not in place to encourage growth, independence, and personal responsibility. And the list continues.

So while the intentions start off good, the soul-crushing setbacks of trying to start over often drive past addicts back to the habits and patterns that originally put them in the spiral. And its not necessarily because they want to, but because it’s all they know, or life has become desperate. This is where Turning Point has found its niche. They are able to provide housing, transportation, and meals to men (and soon women) who want to change their ways and are willing to work for it. It’s not free to the residents, but the weekly rate is affordable for most. Turning Point has also networked with many businesses to help find employment for their residents, thus increasing the chances of success. The program has been so successful, that many past residents have joined the staff in order to share their success and invest in others.

From an economic point of view, Turning Point is very interesting. While they exist as a non-profit charity, they have become essentially self-sustaining. Because the model involves the participants working and paying their way, The Turning Point doesn’t have to rely on donations to function. I love this! In fact, when they do ask for money, it is generally for seed to start a new project. Such is the case for the new women’s home they are working on. It will run similarly to the men’s facility, and once at capacity it will be able to sustain its daily operation. I am always happy to give toward a good cause, and I want to foster that value in my company’s culture. But I’m ecstatic to give when I know the money I give is stewarded well, and a return is generated well beyond the gift I give. If you want to learn more about The Turning Point of SC, check them out at

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